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Detentions and Dragons

Feb 12, 2018

Lesson # 24 Agenda

Roll a D20 and make a perception check.

OK. With that roll, you see a figure off in the distance. It is menacing, sneaky, and attention seeking. You have a right to be cautious. The being you see is... THE TROUBLE MAKER!

On this lesson, Josh and Matt discuss strategies to work with trouble makers, players who intentionally or unintentionally disrupt the game with unsportsmanlike conduct. Player conduct management is a difficult and often times unavoidable. However, Josh and Matt are confidant that some direct and indirect approaches can help any DM maintain a welcoming gaming environment.

Matt discusses innovations in the Valentine's day industry.

Josh talks about why javelin is no longer a sport in high school.

Exit Ticket: Homebrewed Item - Quinn's Quill. A cursed item that can help with game management. 

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