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Detentions and Dragons

Mar 5, 2018

Lesson # 27 Agenda

Grab your beach D20, put on your +1 Flip-Flops of Relaxing and join Josh and Matt as they celebrate the American school tradition of SPRING BREAK! In this lesson, Josh and Matt discuss how they integrate "Spring Break" into their classroom and club campaigns. Have your students' take a break from the dungeon delving life style and try one of their techniques to add a little variety to your main campaign.

Beachcomber Chad makes his premiere appearance on the podcast.

Will Josh's character Roland follow through and start a podcast in his own campaign?

Matt's mic had a bit too much gain. Thanks for your patience!

Want to help us out? Set down the beach drink and recommend us to a teacher, new player, or new DM! Helping new listeners find this podcast is the best way to help us grow. Thanks again!