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Detentions and Dragons

Mar 26, 2018

Lesson # 30 Agenda

Want a good reason to integrate D&D into your curriculum? How about this number for you: 5,000. This is the cumulative number of hours students in Josh's classes have read books outside of school. And a major driver behind this stat is Havoc.

On this episode, Josh and Matt talk more about Havoc, the modified D&D 5E system that Josh uses in his classroom. Specifically, they discuss the in-class currency system used in his yearlong campaign and how students power up their learning and their player characters in the classroom with havoc coins. For those interested in finding ways to drive academic success using RPG elements, this episode is for you.

 Exit Ticket: Homework - Creative Writing Prompt!

Send us your best idea for a campaign, mission, or plot device and we will read our favorite of the submissions on the podcast. Topic must incorporate the following nouns:

Disaster & Almonds

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