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Detentions and Dragons

Apr 2, 2018


Lesson # 31 Agenda

You've defeated the dragon and taken it treasure, you've bested the wizard and won their gold, or you read your book and earned your Havoc coins. It is now time to relax, sip on a coffee, and go shopping!!!

On this lesson, Josh and Matt travel to the fictional town of New Trollsburg to buy some magic items designed by Josh and Matt! Need some new kicks? Head on down to Amberzombie and Witch! Need a dodge ball that sends you to a dodge ball dimension? You can totally buy it in New Trollsburg. Learn more about some fun homebrewed items that can be incorporated into your classroom or home campaign.

Exit Ticket: None. But we are still accepting creative writing prompt submission. Send us your best idea for a campaign, mission, or plot device and we will read our favorite of the submissions on the podcast. Topic must incorporate the following nouns: Disaster & Almonds.

Have these two teachers helped you restock your own D&D& stores with new magic items? Help them out by recommending Detentions and Dragons to a friend, teacher, or student. New listeners are the best way to help us grow as a podcast. Thanks again for all of your support!

Also a special thanks to Tabletop Audio for letting us use their tracks Halfing Festival and Docks District. You can check them out here: