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Detentions and Dragons

Apr 9, 2018

Lesson # 32 Agenda

Many DMs know that a player character can open a door by rolling a high enough number on an ability check. But what happens when that door is sentient and fights back? This situation calls for a 1v1 D20 roll-off, a contest.

On this lesson, Josh and Matt discuss the a special variation of ability checks called contests. They discuss what contests are, when to use, and how to run them in a 5th edition game. They also provide several common and uncommon examples of contests in 5E.

Pie gets discussed a lot.

Exit Ticket: We have graded homework! Josh and Matt review many of the entries in our Creative Writing Prompt Assignment on disasters and almonds for willing listeners. Hopefully, these D&D minds can provide some inspiration for your D&D campaign!

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