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Detentions and Dragons

Apr 16, 2018

Lesson # 33 Agenda

Howdy! Now just don't just sit there like a bump on a log! It is springtime on the Detentions and Dragons hobby farm and there are plenty of chores to do. Do you want to help out by feeding the spring chimera? Or if you are looking for some adventuring, how about solving that mystery involving some curious hibernators? The world is waking up again, kiddo! Time to dust off those adventuring boots and get to work!

On this lesson, Josh and Matt discuss Springtime and how to integrate springtime into your school or campaign setting. Ideas include a D&D swap meet, a campaign focused on a missing Spring (we are looking at you Minnesota), and some homebrewed creatures. Again, get your party out of that dungeon and into the fresh air of spring!

Smeagle Bobson returns. And is gone again?

Who is your favorite flair bear?

Matt wants more cute D&D monsters.

Special thanks to:

Benbocan for letting us use their ambient farmyard sounds. You can find their work here:

Special producer credit to Ginger for pitching Springtime D&D ideas involving bears, blood thirsty chickadees and robins, and an unused mud mephit.

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