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Detentions and Dragons

Apr 23, 2018

Lesson # 34 Agenda

Word up! Josh and Matt go hard in the paint again to discuss more important vocabulary for D&D 5th Edition. Will it give you street cred in the average social circle? Probably not. However, knowing this basic vernacular will make you look legit at your next D&D session or convention.

Josh got a sweet D&D tattoo. Check his tattoo and him out @ProfessorOlaf

Gorgonzola the elderly elf makes an appearance.

The cannon of fast travel didn't shoot Smeagle Bobson all that far away.

Exit Ticket: Homework - Wand of Wonder. A fan favorite item. Your homework. Create a new effect for Wand of Wonder and send it to

If we like yours the best, you win some free dice! All participants will have their effect added to a new and living list of Wand of Wonder effects.

Thanks to the D&D wiki for information about slang. Check out their complete page on D&D jargon here:

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