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Detentions and Dragons

May 14, 2018

In the lesson, Josh and Matt jump on the home remodel band wagon and rebrand themselves as dungeon fixer uppers. Why have your player characters run through that same old dungeon?! Just remove that old green avocado owlbear, knock down that load-bearing wall of illusion, and add in some modern trap elements! 

Seriously though, Josh and Matt look at Boss Dungeons. The end of the school year is near and campaigns need to come to a close. The final dungeon is your students' last chance to make memories, have fun, and be heroes of a story they create until the next school year. This last boss dungeon needs to be suspenseful and challenging. Listen as Josh and Matt give suggestion for traps, puzzle, and lair wide magical effect to add excitement to your clubs grand finale!

Josh and Matt return to New Trollsburg.

Lots of Pop Culture references.

Josh may have told his best joke to date.

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Atmospheric music (Dungeon II: Mechanical and Medieval Town) provided by Table Top Audio.

Train Sounds provided by Zott820.