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Detentions and Dragons

Aug 12, 2019

Detentions and Dragons is back and ready to kickoff their third year as a podcast! Their first lesson focuses on helping prepare your clubs for Student DMs.

Knowing how to play D&D is important. Knowing how to DM is invaluable! However, the latter can be more intimidating for new DMs, especially student DMs. This lesson focuses on how the teacher can create an environment that promotes success for student DMs in the club setting.

Josh and Matt have always focused on making D&D fun and accessible for new players and new teacher DMs. However, at the start of the third year of the podcast, they thought they would change up the formula a bit with a guiding theme for the year.

The focus: Upperclass!

Specifically, this year's lessons will focus on two major topics:

1. How to help Student DMs succeed in your club or classroom setting.

2. Advanced Topics: Progressing from Basic to Advanced Gameplay.

This doesn't mean there won't be lessons on general topics, basics game play, interviews, homebrew, and more because of course there will be. But after about 90 episodes, Josh and Matt felt it was time to help players elevate their game to a new level!

Did these back-to-school mentors help motivate you for the new year? Help them out by recommending Detentions and Dragons to a friend, teacher, or student. New listeners are the best way to help us grow as a podcast. Thanks again for all of your support!

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Additional Music in this Lesson's Podcast:

Something Elated by Broke For Free