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Detentions and Dragons

Jan 29, 2018

Note: When recording, Matt forgot the AC adapter to his mixer. As a result the whole episode was recorded using a single USB microphone. If this is your first episode, try any of our other lessons for better audio quality. Matt's bad! However, this makeshift solution fits into our lesson's theme:...

Jan 22, 2018

Lesson # 21 Agenda

On this lesson of Detentions and Dragons, Matt is joined by a special guest and substitute co-host Rachel Nimlos, a former graduate of Matt's high school and an alumna of his D&D club!

The topic? Well, it is a favorite of student's and a nice quick lesson plan for ill or busy teachers: Movie Day. Matt...

Jan 15, 2018

Lesson # 20 Agenda

Are you feeling ill? Stuffy nose? Are you rolling with disadvantage? Well, we here at Detentions and Dragons are here to unconditionally help you get over what ails you: Status Conditions.

-In this lesson of Detentions and Dragons, Josh and Matt discuss conditions, status debuffs, that affect how...

Jan 8, 2018

Lesson # 19 Agenda

I want to jump across a canyon. Ability check. I want to break through that door. Ability Check. I want convince someone a normal duck is actually a unicorn. ...ability check.

This week, Josh and Matt discuss the basics of ability checks in D&D 5E. They also review their tips to manage ability checks...

Jan 1, 2018

Lesson # 18 Agenda

New Year's Resolutions:

-Drink more water.

-Get swole. 

-Upgrade my DM game.

In this lesson, Josh and Matt talk about things they want to do to be better teacher DMs in the 2018 year.

Exit Ticket: Item Review - Folding Boat. Is it a boat? Yes. Is it wondrous? Yes. Is it a canoe or a dinghy? Up for...