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Detentions and Dragons

Jul 30, 2018

Grab your bugbear spray and your folding boat and paddle your way down to Camp Bugbear! On this lesson, Josh and Matt discuss planning, organizing, and implementing a D&D summer camp for kids.

Does Dave Starchild survive his tenure as summer counselor?!

This is Josh's first time editing and episode! Congrats!!

Did these...

Jul 23, 2018

Another special Detentions and Dragons Lesson!

This time Matt interviews Curt Bolin of the Dungeons & Dragons & Daughters podcast, a D&D 5th Edition live play podcast starring him and his twin daughters Sammy & Birdie. The topic: Top 5 Tips for playing D&D with younger kids! If you are interested in introducing D&D to...

Jul 16, 2018


Part 2 of our special two-part Q & A lesson!

Josh and Matt are on a roll! After answering two D&D questions, they go back into the mailbag, pick out two more easy questions, and attempt to use their experience to answer your DMing questions. They are having a blast.

Segment: You might be a Dungeon Master....


Jul 9, 2018

A special two-part Q & A lesson format!

Josh and Matt channel Tom and Ray Magliozzi of Car Talk to fix your Dungeon Mastering Questions. How successful are they? Questionable. But at least they are having a good time doing it!

The Riddler. Send your answer to The Riddler to:

If your...

Jul 2, 2018

A Detentions and Dragons' First! Josh and Matt interview Wolfgang Baur, the "Kobold in Chief,” founder, and owner Kobold Press.

On this lesson of Detentions and Dragons, Wolfgang discusses with Matt and Josh all things D&D. Especially about the campaign setting of Midgard! This is a fantastic conversation with a...