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Detentions and Dragons

May 21, 2018

A power-hungry antagonist approaches and presents to you an impassioned speech. It speaks of a diabolic plot or perhaps disillusioned plan. You and your party disagree. You draw your weapons and ready a fighting stance. The lights go dim. The antagonist changes to its true form. A soundtrack with a dramatic score emphasizes the gravity of the situation. Is it the fate of world that will be decided by the outcome of this battle? Or is this simply one last fight for survival? Regardless, this is it you are the climatic finale. This is your chance to be hero. This is the final boss.

On this lesson of Detentions and Dragons, Josh and Matt discuss final bosses for your school campaign. They discuss the importance of the final boss and their philosophy behind designing a final encounter with heroic moments or exciting opportunities for the player characters to be heroes one last time in a narrative that they helped create!

The Final Boss mechanics they discuss are:

1. Destroy the Crystal

2. Artifact of Power

3. Puzzle Room

Don't just design your boss fight to be tough. Design your boss fight to be heroic!

Dungeon Master Mitch from the Dungeon Master's Block also submits a heroic boss mechanic as well:

4. Splatter Minions

Josh and Matt have less tangents than usual but they do talk about wheels for a bit.

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