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Detentions and Dragons

Dec 19, 2018

The Deck of Many Things is a legendary wondrous item in 5th edition D&D that causes game making or game breaking effects for any player character that chooses to draw from this magical set of cards . However, there has never been a Deck of Many HOLIDAY things. A deck based solely around campaign altering effects with a holiday twist. On this episode, Josh and Matt present the cards that they, their fellow podcasters, and listeners created for this deck! If you are looking to add some holiday fun to your campaign (and perhaps drift your game's narrative off the critical path, then these cards from our Deck of Many Holiday Things is for you!  

Seriously, we would like to thank everyone who submitted! We wish we had time to read them all. We are always humbled by your enthusiasm and participation.

Is your player character now the Minty Ranger?

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